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Health & Safety Moment - Telus Health Rebrand

Rebrand Update: August

Transforming from LifeWorks to TELUS Health.







Actions for you to take this month:

  • Remind your people to update their app to see the new brand
  • Update your financial system with TELUS Health information
  • Add our new email domain @telushealth.com to your allow list

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Updates for you this month.

Our transition to TELUS Health is underway.

This week, our EAP platform rebrands. The next few weeks will be a transitional period, where you and your people may see both the LifeWorks and TELUS Health brands during your user journey with us. Rest assured, this is a temporary phase and all touchpoints will eventually showcase the TELUS Health brand.

Your team members can continue to use the same app, phone numbers, links, QR codes and login details to access their EAP. Find more details about the updates in our FAQ, under “What is the user experience once you rebrand?”.

Consult the FAQ


The EAP platform now has a new look.

This week, our EAP platform is switching to its new brand and name, TELUS Health One. Our new brand will appear both in the web and app versions of the platform. Log into the TELUS Health One platform to see the new look first-hand.

You can now use a new URL, one.telushealth.com, to access the EAP platform. Please update your intranet, communications and internal documentation with our new URL and platform name.








Reminder: Update your financial system.

Your invoices will now be coming from TELUS Health instead of LifeWorks. Once you receive your first invoice with the TELUS Health information, please update your financial system with our new legal name and address. All other information remains the same. 

Our new legal name and address for your jurisdiction will be on the top left corner of your invoice.

If you require a vendor form for your organization, please send us a request at vendorformrequests@lifeworks.com

If you require a vendor form for your organization, please send us a request at vendorformrequests@lifeworks.com

Thank you for your support and understanding during this transition. We are proud to work with you to create healthy communities and workplaces. 

If you have questions or need additional support, please do not hesitate to reach out to your contact on our team.

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