22:25 PM

Health, Safety and Wellness Update - April 2022

Health and Safety Policy Update

Mohawk's Health and Safety Policy has been updated to put more emphasis on building a safety-minded culture and a shared commitment to health and safety amongst students, visitors, contractors and employees. The policy outlines clear responsibilities and how we can work together to keep Mohawk College a safe place to work.

You can review the updated policy here: https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/about-mohawk/leadership-and-administration/policies-and-procedures/corporate-policies-and/health-0

Employee Assistance Program - New online platform coming

Health, Safety and Wellness will  be launching a new Employee Assistance Program platform as a replacement for the current Lifeworks platform. The new platform will have lots of resources including documents, videos, and podcasts on a variety of wellness topics, along with other perks and a live chat function. Employees will have the option of creating a personal account and accessing the platform on their smart device through the Lifeworks app. To hear more about the new platform be sure to attend the Lifeworks session that will be part of the upcoming Virtual Wellness Fair.