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Health & Safety


Lifeworks Merges with Telus Health


As you may have seen, our EAP provider Lifeworks has been acquired by Telus Health. Some changes may have already been made with Telus Health branding on any homepages or documentation that you access.

What does this mean for Mohawk Employees?

All the services from EAP remain the same. Here are some of the services that our EAP provider offers:

·       Short-Term Counselling

·       Legal Advice

·       Resources for Mental Health 

·       Fitness and Health Advice

·       Perks and Savings

·       Financial Health resources

·       Family Relationship counselling

Please log onto the Lifeworks website at: https://lifeworks.com/en or call: 1-844-671-3327

For more information please see detailed information at MyMohawk