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Health and Safety is Everyone's Responsibility - May 2021

The health and safety of our campus and the broader Hamilton community is a shared responsibility. By following the direction of Public Health authorities and adhering to safety protocols on campus, at placements and in the community, we can all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Below are some important reminders, tips and resources to help you stay healthy and safe this semester.

  1. It’s critical that you understand the role you play in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

This is a graphic showing COVID-19 prevention techniques and measures.Please review the posted COVID–19 Prevention Plans for the spaces you visit while on campus. In the Prevention Plans you’ll find detailed information on the safety measures relating to each classroom or lab and specific activities for the course. By adhering to the safety protocols outlined in the Prevention Plans, you will help to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone on our campuses.

COVID-19 Prevention plans are available for and posted within all spaces on campus that are occupied by students and employees. Please contact us at OHSMohawk@mohawkcollege.ca

with any questions or concerns

  • All faculty and staff are responsible for ensuring they have reviewed and are following the COVID-19 Prevention Plans for the instructional spaces that apply to them.
  • While class is in session, the prevention plans apply to both indoor and outdoor learning spaces. Facemasks and face shields are to be worn at all times.
    • Individuals are required to maintain physical distancing while outdoors and are to avoid congregating while on campus.
  • Under no circumstances are modifications be made to instructional spaces.
    • Removing or altering the location of fence sections is not permitted.
    • There shall be no crossover occurring between the instructional spaces.
  • Food and beverages should only be consumed designated areas and not in hallways or classrooms. Food and beverages are not allowed in instructional spaces (classrooms, labs, and shops).
  • Prevention plans must be reviewed with students to ensure they are aware of the protocols and follow them.
  • All faculty should have shared the Student Health Protocol compliance presentation with students.
  • All signage in instructional areas must be respected and adhered too.

The protocols that have been put in place are there to ensure the education and training for our programs can be delivered in a way that is safe for both our students and employees.

 2. COVID-19 Prevention Plan compliance checks

Members of the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) team and college leadership conduct regular COVID-19 compliance checks. This involves visits to classroom and lab spaces to observe and note whether COVID-19 prevention plans are being followed. The results of the compliance checks are shared with college leadership and used to determine if there is a need for corrective measures.

Individuals conducting the check generally will not interrupt the class, unless they observe behaviors that need to be addressed immediately due to the risk they present (i.e. eating and drinking in classrooms).

They will also not be in close proximity with other while conducting the checks and are only to be in the instructional spaces for a brief period of time. Our compliance check activities are such that they are not considered infringement of the occupancy maximums.

Mohawk College takes the health and safety of our college community very seriously. We expect all members of our community to do their part in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

Failure by students or employees to follow any of the protocols can result in a formal review by the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office (SSRO) or Human Resources, respectively.

Understand your role. Follow the rules. Stay safe.