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Health, Safety & Wellness - Eye Protection

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Eye Protection

Proper Eye Protection is an effective control for protecting the eyes and helps to prevent injuries.

Hazards can include:        

·       Flying Objects: A piece of metal can pierce the cornea and eyeball and possibly cause the loss of an eye.

·       Dust: Dust, sawdust, etc. can cause irritation resulting in a corneal ulcer in a breakdown of corneal tissue causing a red, watery, or eyes filled with puss.

·       Heat: Heat can burn and severely damage the cornea.

·       Acid Splash: Acid splash and chemicals can burn the cornea, conjunctiva (white coat on the eye) and eyelid and possibly cause loss of sight.

·       Abrasive: Sand can cause a corneal abrasion which can result in loss of sight.

Important Tips on Proper Eye Protection:

·       Basic protection is safety glasses with side shields.

·       Take extra precautions in windy conditions or when doing jobs where eye injuries are more likely.

·       Look for the CSA logo on the frames, whether the glasses are prescription or non-prescription.

·       For welding, eye protection must also be marked with the shade number.

You’ve only got one pair of eyes; make them last a lifetime. Wearing the right protection can prevent most eye injuries.

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