19:08 PM

Holiday Closure Contest Challenged Employees to Fight Energy Waste

Congratulations to the Accounting Services team.

The annual holiday closure of Mohawk College’s facilities is an opportunity for the College to conserve energy, which saves on utilities and reduces carbon emissions. During the closure, heat and utilities in the buildings are restricted.

Ahead of the closure, the College challenged employees to conserve even more by taking energy-saving actions in their own offices and labs. This included:

  • Switching off and unplugging all electronics
  • Turning off the lights
  • Cleaning out and unplugging fridges
  • Closing windows and blinds
  • Shutting down non-essential lab equipment
  • Reporting any air or water leaks to maintenance@mohawkcollege.ca

Fifteen energy-saving checklists were submitted to the Sustainability Office, representing more than 140 employees. This simple effort by employees led to the campus saving an estimated 2,837 (kWh) of energy, which equals 79kg of greenhouse gas emissions saved. This is equivalent to driving an average gasoline vehicle about 315km.

The winners of the contest are the Accounting Services team lead by Jelena Lukic! Mohawk’s Grounds team will be planting nine trees on campus in the 2023 season, one for each member of the winning team.

Thank you to those who participated both on campus and at home! We appreciate the efforts of the campus community to help us reduce energy waste on campus.