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How to stay connected - tips and tricks from our colleagues

Below are some tips, suggestions and stories from our colleagues on how they are staying connected with students, coworkers, friends and family through these challenging times. 

Tip / SuggestionTechnology Used

Send team "Mug of the Day"

Share family photos

Mindfulness Hour


Personal Wellness Instagram Page (my.feel.and.heal.story)

#100daysofsweat Challenge

Regular email check ins with students 

Art tours in your home with printed photos

Dinner with family who live in separate houses over FaceTime

Digital coffee breaks with the team



Game nights over video chat 
Online card gamesZoom
Start challenges with your family and include photos 
Send hand-written lettersPen and paper :)
Reach out to family in need 
Write letters and postcardsFaceTime
Video pizza party 

Keeping up daily activities to keep students engaged and social

Hosting mindfulness sessions

Netflix watching parties

Send postcards or letters to loved ones 
Connect by video with grandchildren 
Driveway party with neighbours 
"nose-to-nose" meetings - remaining in cars, park facing each other and talk over the phone 
Hand paint garden rocks and drop them off to friends and family's porches 

Sharing photos of pets

Rescue a pet


Online workouts with friends

Staying active

Playing online games with friendsBoard Game Arena
Charades with family over video chat 

Daily walks

Board games

Skype meetings


Connect with family and friends from outside the house

Play trumpet for friends

Drawing pictures with kids and mailing them to friends and family 
Use VR glasses to "leave" the home and travel 
Paint together over video chat using guided lessonsYouTube
Free online tutoring for chidren and parents 
Texting and calling family



List everyone to keep in touch with and enure to call, text or FaceTimeFacetime
Daily Calming Hour Virtual MeditationsZoom

Virtual dinners with family and friends

Trying new recipes and sharing over video

Group chats with family

Craft time over zoom or video

PPT Party where you virtually teach others about a topic



Sidewalk chalk messages to neghbours 
Competition - Who can grow the best COVID beard? 
Share what SLT is working on 

Video calls with team

Show each other their work station at home, favourite mug, etc.

Weekly team challenge


Connecting with family through video, photos, text and calls

Play Jackbox TV games over skype

Dancing and Drumming from your home

Listen to "Rita Wilson's Quarantunes" on Spotify



Survey preference from students on content delivery

Sharing photos of pets

Playing with kids and pets outdoors