22:46 PM

Important information about changes to Mohawk’s plans for snow closures

Following the closure of campuses due to the snow storm on January 17th, the college’s executive team met to review the impact of closure on students and the college’s operations. As a result of these discussions, and the feedback received from both employees and students, we are updating our campus closure policy to allow virtual classes, services and meetings to continue in the event of a weather-related closure.

This means that if we need to close campuses due to another snow event this winter, all classes and student services scheduled virtually will continue. In-person classes and events will be cancelled. Employees who can work remotely will be expected to do so, unless you have been identified as an employee who needs to be on campus to maintain essential operations and can safely report to campus. These changes are effective immediately.

Our first priority, as always, is safety. Mohawk will only close campuses when remaining open would pose a danger to students and employees while on campus or would prevent a large number of students and employees from coming to campus or returning safely to their homes.

Managers and faculty are to consider the needs of employees and students who may have loved ones at home due to weather-related closures at daycares, local school boards and other locations, and should make alternate arrangements for work to be completed if possible.

We apologize for any confusion that resulted from the closure on January 17th. The college is looking at the Future of Work and will consider how we move forward with decisions like this. Until then, this will be the approach the college uses for all weather-related closures.