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Important transit updates for the Fall semester

Planning a sustainable commute just got a little easier with these improvements to HSR and GO Transit!

  1. The MSA PRESTO Bus Pass is back for all full-time students

All full-time students receive a 4-month unlimited PRESTO bus pass for the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) for each semester they are enrolled. The pass allows students to ride the HSR anywhere, anytime throughout the city. Find out how to get the PRESTO bus pass by visiting the MSA transit page.

Burlington Transit users with an MSA PRESTO pass can purchase an add-on monthly Burlington Transit pass at a discounted rate of $30. Learn more on the Burlington Transit website.

  1. HSR service updates

Mohawk College students and staff can travel on any route 20 A-Line, 21 Upper Kenilworth, 33 Sanatorium or 35 College bus to the Fennell campus and route 55a Levi Loop to the Stoney Creek campus.

IAHS students and staff can travel on any 1A King, 5 Delaware, 10 B-Line Express or 51 University to campus.

Regular weekday service will return starting September 5 on routes:

6 – Aberdeen

7 - Locke

8 - York

21 - Upper Kenilworth

22 - Upper Ottawa

23 - Upper Gage

24 - Upper Sherman

25 - Upper Wentworth

26 - Upper Wellington

27 - Upper James

33 - Sanatorium

34 - Upper Paradise

35 - College

41 - Mohawk


Route #20 A-Line service enhancements:

Frequency of the #20 A-Line route serving Fennell campus is increasing to every 15 minutes during weekday morning and afternoon peak periods. Service hours will also expand to include weekday evenings until approximately 10pm with 30-minute frequency.

Connect to the new all-day hourly GO train service out of West Harbour GO Station to Union Station with the A-Line route.

For more updates on HSR and Accessible Transit/DARTS, including COVID-19 safety information, visit HSR Bus News.

View HSR schedules, routes and maps.

  1. New Hamilton to Toronto all-day GO trains

As of August 7, GO Transit now offers all day, hourly trains serving the West Harbour station on James Street North.

From the West Harbour Station, take the A-Line HSR bus for a direct route to Fennell Campus.

Explore all your transportation options at mohawkcollege.ca/transportation