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Inspiring Minds Speaker Series - Lindsay Masland

Inspiring minds

Don't miss out on Inspiring Minds Speaker Series, featuring - Lindsay Masland as she speaks to “Teacher Centered Learning, and other things I'm not supposed to talk about”.


As Professor of Psychology, Lindsay teaches courses in statistics, educational psychology, and pedagogy. She has served as consulting editor for two journals that focus on teaching in higher ed, and she's very involved in Division 2 of the American Psychology Association (Society for the Teaching of Psychology), including serving as the Director of their Annual Conference on Teaching. Additionally, Lindsay has won both national and university-wide teaching awards. Lindsay's teaching and research interests lie at the intersection of student engagement, effective teaching practices, and inclusive excellence, and her passion is to help educators make sound pedagogical choices that lead to transformative educational experiences for the many types of students they find in their classrooms. She's also very interested in the positionality of teachers in higher education, including the societal and systemic pressures that conspire to devalue the role of teaching and learning in academia. In short, she's an enthusiast for equitable, transformative, and liberatory experiences for all who endeavour to teach and learn in higher ed.

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Session - Teacher Centered Learning - and other things I'm not supposed to talk about

Over the past few years, college instructors have been surprised, confused, and occasionally outraged by the students who show up in our classrooms. Lamentations over missing skills, low attendance rates, and disappointing work quality are center stage in many pedagogical discussions. Not surprisingly, the recommended antidote is to double down on our use of student-centered teaching. In our quest to be student-centered, though, we can end up making choices that can overwhelm us with their unsustainability. In this talk, we'll explore how centering our own needs in pedagogical decision-making provides fertile ground for sustainable, effective teaching that benefits both our students and ourselves. In Defense of Teacher-Centered Teaching … and Other Things I’m Not Supposed to Say