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IT Update Guest Authentication

IT Security Bulletin


Multi-Factor Authentication Enhancements for Guest


Beginning November 6, 2023 external individuals (guests) who you share resources with on Mohawk College’s M365 platform will be challenged for Multi-Factor Authentication before gaining access to resources.

When adding guests from outside of the College to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint sites or when sharing documents externally from OneDrive your guest that you invite will experience one of the following workflows:

a)     If they authenticated with their home organization to Microsoft services and an MFA challenge was already completed, this user will be inherently trusted and authentication accepted.  They will not need to configure MFA further.

b)    If the user does not have a home organization Microsoft account, or they do not have MFA configured in their home organization, your guest will be forced to register for MFA prior to accessing sites or documents.

 Guest accounts will need to re-authenticate after 12 hours.


If you require any assistance with this change please contact the IT Service Desk