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It’s time for an honest self-reflection: How are you really doing?

Have you stopped to check in with yourself lately and see how you are doing? Are you just pushing through every day or are you actively monitoring your stress levels and taking steps to cope?

Covid-19 has created circumstances where so many things are beyond our control. This can be disempowering and lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. One way to regain control or to feel empowered is to focus on the micro choices you can make every day around self-care and self-expression. Here are some reading resources to help you.

Self reflection: The stress continuum

Personal reactions to increased complexities and stress fall on a continuum. You may feel little to no impact, or you may feel an increased stress response. When stress is ongoing or severe, this can lead to severe distress, burnout, or traumatic responses. Personal experiences, support systems, coping mechanisms, external stressors, early life experiences, and the length of time we have felt increased stress can contribute to where we fall on the continuum of reactions.




Resources for Coping with Stress, Burnout and Trauma 

Visit this page to access information on coping strategies for stress, burnout and trauma. Some strategies include cultivating a positive attitude, accepting what is outside of your control, mindfulness, relaxation, assertiveness skills, taking care of your body through movement, nutrition and much more.




Mohawk College Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Our EFAP offers a variety of services and resources to help you feel and be your best. From live counseling to online chat, reading resources, community referrals and online courses, you are guaranteed to find something that will help you take the first step towards positive change.