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Leaders Spotlight on Learning

April 2023

Leaders Spotlight on Learning

This playlist provides an opportunity for leaders within Mohawk College to showcase a specific training course from the over 11,000+ courses on Working at Mohawk featuring LinkedIn Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime, and other providers of asynchronous learning. All courses are under 1 hour in length and focus on ‘hot topics’. There are many curated playlists already available on Working at Mohawk and you can even make your own!

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Eric Harvey is the Manager of Admissions for domestic students at Mohawk College. He has worked in various student services roles across the College, with the goal of empowering and supporting students; and he has brought this same attitude in leading his team.  Eric is passionate about the importance of education in our society, and in developing the skills and talents of his team while maintaining a healthy, positive, and professional team environment.

 “I lead with a collaborative approach; and I am fortunate to lead a highly-competent team, with decades of experience in post-secondary environment.  As a leader, my focus is to find ways to leverage my team’s experience to ensure that we are assisting applicants in the best way possible. I attended the virtual session on Leading Hybrid Teams earlier this year, and it provided many insights on how to best work as a leader in a hybrid environment. It challenged my assumptions as a leader and gave me some solid resources and strategies to lead my team in a highly effective manner.” – Eric

 As a complement to the virtual session on Leading Hybrid Teams, Eric recommends Managing Hybrid Teams. In this 6-minute online class, learners will get valuable information on how to set clear expectations, use the messaging tools effectively, and gain actionable ways to connect with and effectively lead your hybrid team. Truly an important leadership skill, as we embrace the future of work.

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