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Leaders Spotlight on Learning

February 2022

Leaders Spotlight on Learning

This new playlist provides an opportunity for leaders within Mohawk College to showcase a specific training course from the over 1100+ courses on Working at Mohawk featuring LinkedIn Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime, and other providers of asynchronous learning. All courses are under 1 hour in length and focus on ‘hot topics’. There are many curated playlists already available on Working at Mohawk and you can even make your own!

Lani Lirio photoFebruary features Lani Lirio, Organizational Development Consultant who believes that every individual has intrinsic worth as a person. One’s impact as a leader, depends on their ability to connect with people around them - regardless of who they are, and how they behave.

 “In 2006, I uprooted my young family from the Philippines to start a career in Canada. The support of leaders who valued diversity in the workplace, and showed genuine interest on who I am and what I can bring to the table, has propelled me to do my best at all times, take risks, and embrace mistakes.” ~ Lani

 This 48-minute online learning session gives practical tips on how leaders can impact their career and the people around them, by leading through relationships. It focuses on how to bring out the best in their employees, build influence, and establish buy-in with other leaders. It also speaks on nurturing diversity and creating meaningful connections - great skills to have as we all embark on the Future of Work.

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