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Leaders Spotlight on Learning

March 2023

Leaders Spotlight on Learning

This playlist provides an opportunity for leaders within Mohawk College to showcase a specific training course from the over 11,000+ courses on Working at Mohawk featuring LinkedIn Learning, Cornerstone Content Anytime, and other providers of asynchronous learning. All courses are under 1 hour in length and focus on ‘hot topics’. There are many curated playlists already available on Working at Mohawk and you can even make your own!


Beth Gibson, Manager of Workforce Partnerships, believes that change is constant, and that was demonstrated over the past few years of the pandemic. To help a team manage change, a leader must continually build their toolkit to encompass strategies to support organizational growth while managing the constant shift of our work and learning environments.

I thrive on change; that’s part of who I am and is reflective in my personal and professional life. While I can quickly adapt to changing environments, I recognize that everyone manages this process differently and that we need to look at the most risk-averse person when we build strategies that are within our control. The Change Management: Roadmap to Execution was a great entry-point as I started to increase my working knowledge in this subject matter” – Beth

This 34-minute online learning session gives practical steps and activities for managers navigating change. It focuses on impact analysis, identifying stakeholders and strategies to ease pain points to make the transition easier, which includes developing a growth mindset.

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