16:25 PM

Let's Talk: Indigenous Employees


Let's Talk videos are produced by the Mohawk College Human Resources department.  In these videos, Sharon Kamassah, Manager, Workplace Equity and Inclusion, speaks candidly with her guests about how EDI may be experienced, integrated and practiced in the Mohawk College community. These videos are designed to be conversation starters for Mohawk College employees in their workshops, lunch & learn sessions, staff meetings or even individual discussions. 

In these episodes, Sharon, and Elizabeth Grey, Mohawk College’s Indigenous Counsellor, discuss the recruitment and retention of people of Indigenous descent.

Have any questions about the series, or suggestions for future videos?  Please contact Sharon at Sharon.kamassah@mohawkcollege.ca and include Let’s Talk Series in the subject line.

Let’s Talk Indigenous Employees: Recruitment Practices

Let’s Talk Indigenous Employees: Intention and Impact

Let’s Talk Indigenous Employees: Creating Safe Spaces

Let’s Talk Indigenous Employees: Respect in the Workplace