17:29 PM

Lindsay Dyment’s Digital Moment | Raiser’s Edge


My name is Lindsay (pronouns she/her) and I am the Alumni Coordinator for Career Transition and Development. I have worked in Alumni Relations since 2017 supporting students transition into life after college and stay in touch with Mohawk and other students and alumni.  

Earlier this year, ESS supported the upgrade of Raiser’s Edge, a platform used to track and engage with alumni and donors. Prior to the upgrade, I can honestly say I dreaded using it! Raiser’s Edge looked like a typical database; it was cumbersome and slow. The upgrade brought us a modern web-based interface that is much easier and faster to navigate with tabs separating important information such as alumni details and events. I can even personalize my portal with dashboards that are meaningful to me. Whether I am updating alumni information, tracking event attendance or looking for the ideal guest speaker from our list of amazing alumni, this upgrade transformed an administrative tool into a value-add portal that helps me do my job better. 
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