14:27 PM

Marketing Matters - January 2024


Did you know? Mohawk College uses Canadian spelling, which is a mixture of British and American spelling. For example, while we spell enrolment with only one 'l', we spell counselling with two.

In addition, at Mohawk we do not hyphenate postsecondary but we do hyphenate micro-credentials.

We also don’t use the serialor Oxfordcomma unless it’s necessary for clarity.

Speaking of clarity, it’s always better to use plain language. For example, use or utilize? That depends on whether you used the item for its intended purpose. I used my pencil to write in my notebook. I later utilized the same pencil as a bookmark.

For more on how we write atand aboutMohawk, check out the updated Writing Style Guide webpage on MyMohawk under Employee > Integrated Communications - Employee Toolkit > Writing Style Guide.