23:05 PM

Mohawk Centre for Entrepreneurship – Summit Speaker Series

Session One - The Impact of the Provincial Lockdown on Small Businesses

Presented by the Mohawk Centre for Entrepreneurship

Tuesday January 19th @12pm

The impact of COVID19 on small businesses has been severe. Governments have struggled with balancing the need to protect citizens while limiting the strain on healthcare systems, and at the same time attempting to ensure that businesses remain viable and open.

The first in our winter Summit Speaker Sessions, we will discussthe Lockdown measures from some interesting perspectives:

  • The intended goals of the provincial Lockdown and a discussion on its merits.
  • It’s impact on both Covid case counts and small businesses
  • The concern with consistency within business sectors.
  • A discussion on what may have been alternative solutions to a blanket lockdown

The session will bring together a panel that will offer a wide range ofinsight and perspectives from industries who have been most impacted, including:

  • Dining & Hospitality
  • Event Management
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Wellness Registration Details

This virtual session is open and free to all Mohawk students and members of our Centre for Entrepreneurship community.

To Register, please visit https://pheedloop.com/summitseries2021/site/SUMMITSERIES2021/ and click on the “register” button.