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Mohawk College celebrates authors in its midst on National Authors Day

On Author’s Day, November 1, Mohawk College is recognizing the authors in its midst.

Mohawk College hosted a reception on November 1 to honour more than 40 Mohawk College authors, faculty and staff members, in conjunction with National Authors Day. The celebrated writers have written everything from course textbooks to adult fiction to children’s stories.

“We are proud to have these authors associated with the college,” said President and CEO Ron McKerlie. “Writing a book is no easy task. It requires perseverance, a deep well of creativity, and countless hours spent refining thoughts and ideas. The work of these writers is a testament to their individual capabilities and it also reflects the caliber and excellence of Mohawk College. With each book published, they showcase the depth of knowledge, expertise, and creativity that thrives here.”

Among the authors recognized on National Authors Day were: Dr. Lisa Funnell (Resisting James Bond: Power and Privilege in the Daniel Craig Era, 2023); Leif Peng (The Art of the REAL Tom Sawyer, 2023); Dr. Anne-Marie DePape (Charlotte’s Shadow, 2022); John Corr (Eight Times Up, 2019); Dr. Sharon Kamassah (Yielding: Life Unraveled, 2021); Stephen Metelsky (Undercover: Stories from the Underworld of Law Enforcement, 2021); and many more.

Recognized Authors - Mohawk College 2023 National Authors Day 

Stephen Metelsky - Undercover: Stories from the Underworld of Law Enforcement (among others), 2021 
Rick Hill - Treasures of the National Museum of the American Indian: Smithsonian Institute, 2011 
Samantha Cook - The Caregivers Journal (among others), 2021 
Carole Johnston - So God Made a Mother, 2023 
Doug Ward - Managing Projects in Professional Services - Beyond Project Administration, 2022 
Lisa Funnell - Resisting James Bond (among others), 2023 
Leif Peng - The Art of the REAL Tom Sawyer (among others), 2022 
Carla LaBella - The WOW Book-Ways of Optimizing Well-Being, tips for creating a life worth living, 2023 
Jeff Rosnick - Communications for Law Enforcement Professionals, 2023 
John Corr - Eight Times Up, 2019 
Anne-Marie DePape - Charlotte's Shadow, 2022 
Kevin MacKay - Radical Transformation: Oligarchy, Collapse, and the Crisis of Civilization (Among others), 2017 
Shelley Rempel - Advocacy in Practice: Creating a Culture of Social Change in the Human Services, 2017 
Sharon Kamassah - Yielding: Life Unraveled, 2021 
Anthony Frisina - Above and Beyond, 2021 
Rosemarie Ortiz - The Legal Professional Career Guide, 2023 
Lorna Sommers - Planned Giving for Canadians, 1994 
Josh Maurin - Someplace Comfortable, 2021 
James Moser - Ghosts of the Dreamscape, 2013 
Robert Gerritsen - Technology Of Machine Tools, 2023 
Mason Kadem - Pearls and Perils of Machine Learning, 2023 
Elizabeth Martin - Basic Technical Mathematics with Calculus SI Version, 11th Edition, 2018 
Rebecca Ellis - Capitalist Agriculture and the Global Bee Crisis, 2022 
Norbert Reichert - The Elevatorguy (Among others), 2017 
Derek Vandenbrink - Metabolic responses to a loaded movement training workout, 2018 
Nicholas Petrella - Metabolic responses to a loaded movement training workout, 2018 
Dan MacLennan - Metabolic responses to a loaded movement training workout, 2018 
Keri Nisbit - Legal Accounting, 2nd ed, 2019 
Maria Cecilia Gordillo - Make the switch to the cloud for accountants and bookkeepers, 2022 
Stephanie Miloknay - Mental Health Awareness for First Responders & Mental Health: Self Care for First Responders, 2022 
Marc Laferriere - Mental Health Awareness for First Responders & Mental Health: Self Care for First Responders (Among others), 2022 
Christine Boyko-Head - Mind the Gap: Ideas for enhanicng creative-critical thinking, authentic communication & empathetic collaboration (Among others), 2022 
Patricia Regier - The Online Shift, 101 Pro Tips for Online Facilitators, Workplace Trainers & Virtual Speakers, 2002 
Scott Harvey - Triptych Unhinged: Anecdotes & Stories (Among others), 2023 
Kwame Gilbert - From Good Intentions to Intentional Living (Among others), 1999 
Daniella Grsic (Albano) - Poems and Affirmations About Emotions for Kids (Among others), 2022 
Rubina Ashmi Nabin - Starting Food Chain as a SME in Canada: Adopting Social Media for its Success, 2023 
Jacqueline Cowden-Scott - 30 Days of Joy: A Devotional, 2023 
David O'Brien - Immaculate Destruction, 2024 
Mini Thomoas - Bayesian-Based Parameter Estimation to Quantify Trust in Medical Devices, 2023 
Sally Cooper - With My Back to the World, 2019 
Gabriela Covaci - Grow Together, 2020