20:18 PM

Mohawk receives expanded opportunity for work-integrated learning

Mohawk has been awarded an opportunity to expand work-integrated learning (WIL) across our programs by the Business and Higher Education Roundtable (BHER), in cooperation with Riipen.

In June, BHER announced a collaborative partnership with Riipen, the world’s largest marketplace of work-integrated learning experiences for students. This partnership is made possible by a $2.6 million investment from the Government of Canada and in kind support from Riipen to deliver 12,000 new work-integrated learning experiences across Canada by March 2022.

In the announcement of its partnership, the parties highlighted that young Canadians face many difficulties as they transition from school to work and these have only intensified during the COVID-19 outbreak. The BHER-Riipen parternship is intended to support thousands of Canadian students by increasing access to work-integrated learning among students, regions and employers.

For the next year, Mohawk will be able to provide Riipen licenses across the college, a service that was previously only available for the McKeil School of Business and Continuing Education departments.

The BHER-Riipen partnership will have a unique focus on delivering experiences for under-represented students and students living in rural and remote areas. These students are currently underserved by traditional placements and harder to reach. 

BHER and Riipen’s collaboration will increase the accessibility of work-integrated learning to targeted segments of both the post-secondary education sector and employers. This includes providing educators the resources to incorporate more WIL learning into their classrooms and an expansion of the opportunities available to small to medium enterprises and not-for-profit organizations who are passionate about supporting the development of Canada’s next generation of talent.