22:54 PM

Mohawk researchers to present at international conference on systems engineering

Two Mohawk researchers will be sharing their research with a global audience in April at the Sixteenth International Conference on Systems (ICONS).

Dr. Esteve Hassan, Mohawk’s Industrial Research Chair for IIoT Applications and Dr. Bilal Momani, a researcher at Mohawk’s IDEAWORKS and professor at Mohawk’s School of Engineering Technology, have been invited to present at the engineering conference which attracts researchers from around the world.

Their academic research papers build upon their applied research work at the college’s Sensor Systems and Internet of Things Lab, which supports the adoption of industrial IoT technologies through the development of proof-of-concept and prototype systems.

Their first paper, New approach to efficiently assess the power consumption of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) devices, explores an emerging approach that can help FPGA vendors more accurately specify the energy consumption information of their products.

Their second paper, Assessing the performance of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) routing protocols, highlights the increasing importance of decentralized wireless networks and explores some new mechanisms for planning suitable routing protocols and other configurations.

The papers will be available at the end of April. To request a copy of the papers, please email IDEAWORKS.