17:37 PM

Mohawk students gain access to Shopify as learning, training tool

Open Learning Platform available to students, faculty at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and in Small Business & Entrepreneurship classes

Mohawk College students in Small Business and Entrepreneurship classes will now have access to the powerful learning content in Shopify's Open Learning Platform as they pursue their educational and entrepreneurial dreams.

The Mohawk College Centre for Entrepreneurship has partnered with Canadian e-commerce giant, Shopify, to provide students and faculty in Small Business and Entrepreneurship classes with access to all the learning content in Shopify's Open Learning Platform. The agreement allows students and faculty to gain from Shopify's training content, the Shopify Badge Program, and learner and faculty resources.

“The Centre for Entrepreneurship is very excited to partner with Shopify,” says Ryan Anderson, General Manager of the Mohawk College Centre for Entrepreneurship. “Shopify is a Canadian example of innovative and responsive entrepreneurship. The opportunity to include its learning resources and industry-leading business platforms in classes and within the Centre for Entrepreneurship will give Mohawk students a unique opportunity to become future ready entrepreneurs.”

Students and faculty will be able to subscribe to use the Shopify business platform while in class at Mohawk or working within the Centre for Entrepreneurship, enhancing experiential learning activities through the duration of their courses. As of June 1, faculty members hoping to incorporate Shopify resources in their courses have had the opportunity to train and explore the platform and resources.

Shopify offers entrepreneurial students many benefits, including tools to start, manage and grow businesses, as projects or real-life enterprises. They can access templates and themes for online storefronts and incorporate commercial apps to enhance their new businesses.