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Mohawk Takes Top Ranking at FITPIN Challenge

We did it again! Mohawk College takes top rankings at the FITPIN competition.

Mohawk college students in the Advanced Police Studies and Police Foundations programs came away with the Outstanding School Award at the latest fitness competition, called FITPIN put on by Peel Regional Police.  Team members included: Lenora Divers [APS], Nikol Somerova [APS], Marcia Oses Lobo [PF], Mathys Le Gros [PF]

Student Lenora Divers placed first for females and for Mohawk College, achieving a 95 percent score.  Her advice, “For any Mohawk students or anyone interested in getting into policing, remain true to yourself, never lose who you are, and keep pushing through all the milestones”.

It was the Police Foundations program at Mohawk College that initially caught Lenora’s attention, after completing the program she moved into Advanced Police Studies.  Lenora attributes her success to the fantastic college environment, the amazing faculty and hands on experiences, like FITPIN.

The FITPIN competition involved eight other colleges and 32 students competing for the top ranking.  The work and dedication of faculty and technologists, like Joanne Smith, is key to the success in getting the team ready.

“We have student try-outs. Around 20 students came out for the in-school competition, and we took the top four scoring students to the PEEL competition. They represented our college, worked together all the time, and were so collaborative. It was not a one-person show, it was a four-person collective and that is why we came out with the outstanding school award.”

Both Shelley and Joanne said it is like seeing your kids come together and do a good job.

“It is so great to see them in that moment, confidence is something we are always trying to promote amongst all of our students, going into this field they need that confidence, so to compete like this and know they are at the top of the pack in terms of who these recruiters are looking for. And, I will add, our women carried our team.” said Joanne Smith.

More doors have been opening for women in the policing field, as police forces across Canada work to build a more inclusive environment. Mohawk instructor Shelley Lang sees a shift.

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