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Mountaineers are Rebuilding the Brand

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Have you ever noticed that you are exposed to thousands of logos daily? Whether scrolling through your Instagram feed, driving, walking your dog, or grocery shopping, you constantly connect with countless brands. Each logo stands for something – and some really stand out. While it may seem insignificant, these symbols and logos we are exposed to are a part of our daily lives—and an integral part of any branding efforts.

The fact is that symbols have existed for thousands of years. If we go back in history and think about the primitive drawings of early humans, symbols were used for essential communication. 

Fast-forward to 2023. The times have changed, but the primary objective hasn’t – logos communicate who you are and what you stand for. 

So, the Mohawk Mountaineers are introducing a new look. Why, you might ask? Matt Ferreira, Director of Athletics and Recreation at Mohawk College, says it was time.

“The rebrand project is the next step in the evolution of Mountaineer Athletics. The change embraces our past while modernizing our brand and creating a vibrant, new landscape for us to excel upon. The purpose was to create a unique and identifiable brand across the post-secondary landscape. Using burnt orange as our primary color will anchor this brand.”

A logo is often the first thing people associate with a sports team and it is one of the most essential tools to create a sense of identity and recognition.

“This project aligns with the Mountaineer Strategic Plan in pushing Mohawk Athletics, both high-performance and recreation, to become a model of consistency and success across the sector.”

College sports can create community and encourage school spirit. Think of the fun that can be had on game days. To show pride, students can dress up in school colors and wear team logos, join in events and cheer for their team, building a sense of community. 

“Our Mohawk Mountaineers brand does not only represent the pride we share in the grit, hard work, and dedication of our high-performance varsity athletes, but it also represents everyone who is part of our Mohawk College community. The new Mountaineer logo is part of the transformation to create a sense of belonging for all. This includes creating an environment at Mohawk College that supports each person’s unique holistic wellbeing,” said Louisa Drost, Mohawk College’s Dean of Students.

This fall, Mohawk Mountaineers will introduce a new look, a new feel, and a new brand as they begin a new season of varsity and recreational competition. We look forward to telling the story of this transformation in the coming weeks and months.

Keep an eye out for the new logo and the new brand as you make your way through your days on campus. It will certainly stand out and it definitely stands for something positive - creating pride and connection for everyone in the Mohawk College community.