15:08 PM

NEW OCAS Application Feature


Mohawk College is excited to announce a new feature to make applying to our college easier. Working with Ontario Colleges (OCAS), we have implemented the college-branded application links to our website program pages.

What is this?

The College Branded Application (CBA) allows applicants to apply to our college programs, directly from our website through a customized interface. This feature keeps our brand front and center throughout the entire application experience. It is a modern, responsive design, that allows applicants to apply anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

Where can I see it?

On our program pages you will see a “Canadian Apply” button, and if applicable, an “International Apply” button. Clicking through on the Canadian Apply will allow applicants to start their application right from the next screen. Once a profile is created, the applicant has the option of logging in from our site, or www.ontariocolleges.ca

For International applicants, choosing the International Apply button bring them to the ‘Applying to Mohawk as an International Student’ page.


It removes an extra step for domestic applicants, and creates a smooth transition to the application process. This feature will especially help our non-direct applicants who may not be familiar with how to apply to college.

Inquiries can be directed to Rose Gilles rose.gilles@mohawkcollege.ca