18:39 PM

New procedure and documentation portal for Missed Assessments and Evaluations

The college has adopted a new procedure for reporting and documenting Missed Assessments and Evaluations that outlines the process for students to follow for planned or unplanned absences, or missed deadlines. 

As part of the new procedure, we have created a Student Wellness Documentation Portal for students to use when submitting medical or other supporting documentation for verification and validation. Documents submitted through the portal will be reviewed and validated by the Health and Wellness Centre team. Please note, students should never send documentation directly to their teacher.

Once documentation has been validated, the Health and Wellness Centre team will send a verification email to the faculty member(s) listed on the form. The email will confirm receipt of the documentation, verify that the documentation is legitimate, and specify the dates to which the documentation applies. The Health and Wellness team will not share students' personal information with faculty or program staff, nor will it ask students to provide further justification for the absence. Following receipt of the verification email, it will be up to the faculty to work with the student arrange relief or schedule another assessment.

Wherever possible, an informal resolution should be the priority to avoid putting undue pressure on the healthcare system or unfairly targeting students who cannot afford the added expense of obtaining a doctor's note. 

The Missed Assessment and Evaluations procedure is available on the college's website under the Student Assessment Policy. Please take time to review the procedure. 

The procedure and documentation portal are available to use on a pilot basis for the 2023 Spring/Summer. If you would like to participate in the summer pilot, please contact studentwellness@mohawkcollege.ca.  Any required updates or changes will be implemented before the start of the new Academic year in September.

Questions or comments about the Missed Assessments and Evaluation procedure can be sent to studentwellness@mohawkcollege.ca.