22:34 PM

New program to create huge increase in PSW training at Ontario’s colleges

Announcement allows for 360 new PSW students at Mohawk College in the next three months

The new accelerated training program for personal support workers (PSWs) announced today by the provincial government will significantly increase enrolment in PSW training at Ontario’s colleges. Locally, the funding will support 360 new PSW students at Mohawk College.

“There is a huge demand for personal support workers in our community and today’s announcement goes a long way to addressing that workforce gap,” said Ron McKerlie, President and CEO of Mohawk College. “We are ready to provide people looking for training in this field with the education and skills they need to secure meaningful jobs in the near future.”

The Ontario government announced funding today for an accelerated program that will cover students’ tuition and other expenses, as well as offering the possibility of paid work placements. The accelerated program starts April 5 and allows participants to graduate with full credentials within six months.

The program will begin accepting applications in early March. The added enrolment is expected to result in over 8,000 PSW graduates across Ontario by this fall. At Mohawk College, this will result in 120 enrolments over three sessions totaling 360 new enrolments, starting on April 5, May 10 and June 14, respectively.

The accelerated program allows students to fulfil the program requirements more quickly by increasing the number of study hours per week. Mohawk is offering an approved PSW-Intensive program, which is 21 weeks in length and introduces learners to clinical placements after 11 weeks.

“Working closely with our valued partners in community care, we are confident that our graduates will soon be available to provide essential care to many of our most vulnerable citizens,” said Alison Horton, Mohawk College VP, Academic. “We are pleased to collaborate with the province to create this new opportunity for students and for our community service providers.”

Students in the accelerated programs across the province will be available to volunteer at long-term care homes and other settings early in the program and will also be available for paid work placements.

Graduates at Ontario colleges will enter the workforce at the end of six months. The standard PSW programs at colleges take eight months to complete.