20:48 PM

New Winningtemp survey looking to win employee hearts on February 14


Mohawk College hopes to win your heart this Valentine's Day with a new online survey platform from Winningtemp. It may be a stretch, but having some fun is always good.  

Winningtemp allows employees to quickly and anonymously provide feedback that will contribute to the well-being of the workplace and help maintain a positive work environment for employees. 

It is anonymous. No one at the college can access individual survey responses or identifying information from the surveys. 

Surveys will be conducted at least once per month and take just a few minutes of your time to complete. 

Winningtemp will give employees more opportunities to provide feedback on their experiences at Mohawk College. It will highlight the things that are working well or need to be improved. 

All of the questions used in the surveys are based on research (in collaboration with the University of Gothenburg, Sweden) to measure and analyze factors related to well-being and engagement. Survey responses are compiled, and a real-time score (temperature) is generated. The score is visible to everyone who completes a survey. 

To learn more about the Winningtemp survey platform, download the following guide: 

Introduction to Winningtemp for employees, which can also be found on

the Employee Engagement page of MyMohawk.

To learn more about the platform, visit Winningtemp's website.