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Overage Dependent Coverage

For all employees with benefit coverage, and who have overage dependents (turning 21 this year or over age 21) enrolled in full-time post-secondary education, please see the memo below for important information regarding the action required to continue this benefit coverage for your dependent(s).



To: All Staff

From: Compensation & Benefits Team

Date: August 2020

Subject: Overage Dependent Benefit Coverage—Fall Reminder

If you are an employee with benefit coverage and have one or more dependents who will be 21 years of age or older attending full-time studies at a post-secondary educational institute this academic year, proof of enrolment is required to ensure that dependent benefit coverage with Sun Life is continued.

Proof of enrolment must be provided each academic year for a dependent to ensure continued coverage until your dependent(s) reaches the age of 25. Proof of enrolment must include the following information:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of the post-secondary institution
  • Academic year and dates attending
  • Full-time status

If a statement with the above information cannot be found through an online student account, please request a letter from the Registrar’s Office. Financial statements, confirmation of deposit, and class schedules are not accepted as proof of enrolment.

The Dependent Coverage Form and proof of enrolment must be submitted to Human Resources no later than September 30, 2020 or coverage for your dependent(s) will be terminated.


  1. If your dependent turns 21 between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021 and Human Resources does not receive proof of enrolment prior to your child turning 21, his/her benefit coverage will terminate at midnight on their 21st birthday.
  2. If your child is 21 or older and is no longer enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution, Human Resources must be notified immediately via email as your dependent(s) is/are no longer eligible for benefit coverage.
  3. If your child is in their final year of post-secondary education, benefit coverage will terminate on August 31. Please indicate on the form if your child is in his/her final year at a post-secondary institution.
  4. Proof of enrolment should be for the entire academic year (September – April). If proof of enrolment is only available for the Fall semester, and has been provided to Human Resources, please ensure that you submit proof of enrolment for the winter semester.
  5. If your child is studying abroad, please contact Compensation & Benefits at the email address below

For any further inquiries please contact: compbenefits@mohawkcollege.ca or Human Resources at extension 2047.

Human Resources Branch

August 2020