14:21 PM

President’s Advisory Council Elections Reminder

With many President’s Advisory Council members nearing the end of their terms, it is once again time to elect new council members.

At Mohawk College, the President's Advisory Council plays a key role in strengthening strategic decision-making and driving continuous improvement across the college. The council provides the President and Mohawk College Executive Group with valued advice and guidance on issues that matter to students and employees.

The membership of the council reflects the makeup of the college community and is comprised of elected and appointed members as follows:

One (1)        President (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting)

One (1)        President’s Designate (Non-Voting)

One (1)        Mohawk Students’ Association President (Ex-Officio, Voting)

Four (4)        Mohawk Students’ Association Representatives (Ex-Officio, Voting)

One (1)        Mohawk College Administrative Staff Association Representative (Ex-Officio, Voting)

One (1)        Local 240 Representative (Ex-Officio, Voting)

One (1)        Local 241 Representative (Ex-Officio, Voting)

One (1)        Representative per Dean

  • Students – VACANT
  • International & Partnerships
  • Applied Research – VACANT
  • School of Health & Community Services
  • School of Engineering Technology & Aviation
  • Marshall School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship – VACANT
  • McKeil School of Business, School of Creative Industries, Liberal Studies & Communications – VACANT
  • Centre for Community Partnerships and Experiential Learning
  • Continuing Education and Academic Development - VACANT

One (1)        Administrative Representative (Fennell)

One (1)        Administrative Representative (Stoney Creek)

One (1)        Administrative Representative (IAHS) – VACANT

One (1)        Support Staff Representative (Fennell) – VACANT

One (1)        Support Staff Representative (Stoney Creek)

One (1)        Support Staff Representative (IAHS)

One (1)        Student Services Representative – VACANT

One (1)        Corporate Services Representative

One (1)        President’s Office – VACANT

If you are interested in serving on the council in one of the vacant positions noted above, please put your name forward for nomination by emailing council secretary, Cindy Merifield, at cindy.merifield@mohawkcollege.ca by end of day, Friday, September 1. Should multiple names be received, an election will take place. New council members will attend their first meeting on Monday, September 18 at 4:00 pm.

The council is required under The Minister’s Binding Policy Directive – Governance and Accountability Framework and plays an important role in making sure that our policies and practices align with Mohawk College’s Strategic Plan. The council is expected to provide timely advice on issues that are of college-wide significance. The council meets five times throughout the year. Members may serve for two, two-year terms. Following a hiatus of one two-year term, a former member may run for election or be appointed for another two-year term.

Good luck to all of the candidates.