22:09 PM

PRESTO Buss Pass Fall Announcement from MSA

The Mohawk Students' Association recently distributed the communication below regarding transit passes for students in the Fall semester. We are republishing the announcement for your information.

All students who are currently not registered will not be charged for the bus pass fee. Students who have already registered and were charged the bus pass fee for the Fall semester will receive a credit on their Mohawk College financial account

For students who can demonstrate financial need, the Mohawk Students' Association (MSA) has worked with the Mohawk College Financial Assistance department to create a transit bursary. The application details for the MSA Transit Bursary will be released in the coming weeks. Please remember to hold onto your receipts and stay tuned for more details here: www.mohawkstudents.ca/transit

We want you to know that your MSA and Mohawk College are working diligently to resolve this matter as soon as possible. We appreciate all your comments and feedback because it truly allows us to advocate for our students even more effectively. 

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused for all our students. Please stay tuned for more information.