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Proud Supporter - Andrea Johnson


"I’m in the car a lot- my normal work commute 120 km round trip! So when the pandemic hit, I decided to "donate my gas money” to a new organization every month."

Andrea Johnson



When Andrea Johnson’s six-year work anniversary approached, she knew the perfect way to celebrate. By helping our students.

Since working from home the past year, she decided to donate her commute savings to animal welfare, environmental conservation, food banks and recently the Mohawk Foundation’s International Student Emergency Relief Fund.

"It felt fitting to donate to support our many post-secondary students who are struggling and are worried about their families back home."

During the pandemic, our international students are a particularly vulnerable group. Many depend on financial support from part-time jobs that are no longer available and their families back home are facing their own struggles.

Thanks to donors like Andrea, support funds have been available to help international students.

Has the pandemic changed your giving habits? Share your story with us.

Change a student's tomorrow.