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Proud Supporter - Marla Robinson

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Marla Robinson, Special Projects Academic Coordinator believes education should be accessible to all who want to learn.

Through her work with the City School team, Marla has seen first hand how bringing the college to underserved areas of the community helps people reach their potential whether it be through training for a new career or attending college.

After seeing change take place before her eyes, Marla knew she wanted to do more. Her reason is simple. Education should be accessible to all who want to learn and students should not have to make a choice between learning and living.

“We are so fortunate to be in a position to be positively impacting lives – why not take the next step and provide for those who need some additional assistance to get there.”

By giving a gift to the Mohawk College Foundation in support of City School, Marla is helping provide vital support to students and the community. She hopes that in doing so, more students are able to receive help.

Regardless of the amount of a gift, Marla knows she is making a difference.