15:23 PM

Retirements - Jeff Howard

After 31 years of service to Mohawk College, Jeff Howard will be retiring from the College on November 18, 2022.  Jeff began working at the college in 1991. In 1994, he moved to a  technical support role with the Computer Science Department within the Engineering Technology Division. While working for Engineering Technology, Jeff deployed the very first enterprise class firewall at the college in front of the Computer Science Department Servers – a key milestone in his career and preview into many more accomplishments to come. Jeff returned to IT as Team Lead of Server Systems, Security, Networks & Telephony in 2007 and became a Manager of Infrastructure Services in 2019.

Among Jeff's many accomplishments were the creation and management of a custom LMS website known as Ozone that served the Computer Science Department staff and students for a decade.  He orchestrated the development of the WiFi architecture from the original 36 Access Points (APs) in i-Wing to the 1,000 in production today.  He created the design criteria for the Fennell Modular Data Centre and coordinated the migration into the facility.  Jeff’s tour of the Fennell Modular Data Centre have become  very popular among visitors including more than 24 Chief Information Officers and dozens of other guests from private organizations.

We wish Jeff well in his retirement from Mohawk College.