17:30 PM

Retirements - March 2022

After nearly 40 years of service, Warren Gresko will be retiring from the College on April 6, 2022.  Warren began working at the College in 1982 starting as a co-op. He was hired fulltime on April 6, 1987 as an AV technologist. Over the years, Warren progressed into a number of key management roles including Manager of Service Desk and AV, and more recently as Director, Infrastructure and Operations.

Through his career, Warren worked on many projects which have helped the college evolve technically and operationally. Among his contributions and accomplishments are the following:

  • Provided on-site support to 33 college campus locations in the early days, fixing all of kinds of equipment and electronics.
  • Contributed to many projects influencing the design and build of today’s Audio Visual and computer lab infrastructure.
  • Active member of facility build and reno teams spanning student centre, IAHS, J wing, I Wing, Residence, DeBarc, Marshall, H wing, JCP&I, Airport, including reno and expansions to Brantford, F-wing, C-wing, E-wing, and Stoney Creek.
  • Pioneered the use and adoption of ceiling mounts for CRT and LCD projectors in classrooms.
  • Designed and installed the first iteration of the IVR for the service desk and original digital signage.
  • Participated in many committees and coached many of today’s IT resources when they started at the service desk.

Please join us in wishing Warren many years of health and happiness in a well-deserved retirement.