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Seed to Shelf


Operation Groundswell - Seed to Shelf


Thank you for helping us get there!  You may remember the coffee fundraising campaign, the Buy a bag of coffee to support Global Experiences at Mohawk College and direct-trade coffee farmers in Guatemala!  And now the time has come.  8 faculty and staff members from Mohawk College will be travelling to Guatemala for a 9-day cultural experience  through the Centre for Teaching & Learning Innovation and Operation Groundwell. 

Staff will participate in the Seed to Shelf program, travelling to three of the world’s most famous coffee growing regions and getting to know local farmers for whom coffee is a way of life. They will also stay with local Indigenous communities to learn about the history and legacy of colonialism, and what decolonization looks like from the Guatemalan and Mayan perspectives. Leading up the experience, staff will participate in training about organizing and facilitating global experiences with students, and intercultural development. 

Follow our 8 Mohawk College Staff that are embarking on the “Seed to Shelf “ program with Operation Groundswell while travelling to Guatemala during reading week. Watch their journey and learn more about what they are doing and learning, and what they hope to bring back to Mohawk College to benefit the entire college community. Follow us on Instagram at #guatemala2024mc