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Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Support at Mohawk College

April marks the Sexual Assault Awareness Month for many countries across the globe, an annual campaign to raise awareness about the prevalence and effects of sexual assault and how to prevent it.

All members of the college community are encouraged to be a part of the movement to stop sexual violence.

Day of Action - April 8 

As part of the Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the college community is encouraged to wear teal or make a teal ribbon and place it on their clothing, desks, car, etc. You may also let others know why on social media by sharing a picture using the hashtag #SAAM2022. 

Denim Day- April 28

Make a powerful statement against victim blaming and rape culture by wearing denim. 

Denim Day emerged from a high-profile rape trial in Italy where the Supreme Court overturned the conviction arguing that the survivor must have consented because she wore a tight jeans and would have helped the perpetrator to take it off. This marked the beginning of a worldwide movement to wear denim to protest against common misconceptions about sexual assault. 

For more information about the Sexual Assault and Sexualized Violence policy and procedures, including supports and resources, please visit the Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Website.