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Staff 50/50 Lottery - And the Winner is…






Congratulations to October 28th’s winner Rosemarie Ortiz, Coordinator in the Paralegal Program. Rosemarie’s lucky ticket won her $1,362.50 and was the second ticket pulled from the 20-21 Staff 50/50 Lottery.

The next draw date for the Staff 50/50 Lottery is November 11th.

There are still 22 draws to go! Sign up or purchase additional tickets today.

  • Full time employee: Register online for payroll deductionPlease note for Part-Time/Contract/Appendix D employees the payment in full is required to participate:
    • 1 ticket ($5 each) for 24 draws = $120
    • 2 tickets ($5 each) for 24 draws = $240
    • 3 tickets ($5 each) for 24 draws = $360
    • 4 tickets ($5 each) for 24 draws = $480

Did you know?Last year lottery proceeds helped contribute over $27,000 towards helping students access funds to afford unexpected emergencies such as paying their hydro bill or buying groceries.Each Win Big Wednesday draw, the Mohawk College Foundation awards 50% of the winnings to our draw winner, 50% goes to supporting student initiatives at the College. 

For more information, please visit the lottery website or email lottery@mohawkcollege.ca