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Tell us! How are you sharing digital documents?

Sustainability Survey - July 2020

The Sustainability Office is conducting a survey to better understand how staff are handling documents during the transition to working remotely in a “paperless” environment.

Throughout the COVID-19 shutdown, employees have shown tremendous ingenuity by creating innovative processes which allow staff to support College functions remotely.

The Sustainability Office would like to understand the document handling processes, employees are using today by asking staff to complete this survey. Sustainability is investigating ways to support or improve existing systems while continuing to reduce paper consumption, in-line with the reduction goals established within the Strategic Plan 2016-21. In February 2020 alone, the College printed, faxed or copied more than 635,500 pages at an estimated cost of over $60,000! Since its launch in September 2019, the printing software PaperCut has tracked the generation of 4.2 million pages across the College community.

That’s roughly 39 mature trees worth of paper, which carries an estimated carbon footprint of 14 tonnes!

Please complete the following 10-minute survey before Friday July 10th. All submissions will remain anonymous. All answers will support the design of future sustainability initiatives.

Click Here to complete the survey!

Thanks in advance for your insights!

The Mohawk Sustainability team