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The countdown is on!


The countdown is on! On November 29th your gift will have double the impact.

Our students face tremendous financial pressures. To ensure these incredible young people achieve balance in all parts of their educational experience, the Mohawk College Foundation Gift Catalogue provides ways to help students through tuition support, food, rent, child care or unexpected financial hardship.

For International student Michelle Satake Machado, receiving a bursary made her journey easier and provided relief for living expenses, groceries and school.

“As an International student it can be very hard to be able to pay for living, groceries, school. 
This funding helped a lot.  I am able to focus more on studies and
even do some volunteering, that is something I enjoy.”

On Giving Tuesday, November 29th,
your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by the Steeves Family.

Every gift makes a difference. Thank you for helping Mohawk students and
supporting education in our community.