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The Future of Work - Mohawk College - In the news

mohawkstarrt-8079.jpgThe working world is changing more quickly today than it has in a century. Where will the jobs be in the future? What jobs will they be? How will we prepare for them, commute to them, retire from them? The Hamilton Spectator and its affiliated news outlets contacted experts from the working world, the business world and government to provide a clearer picture of the future of work. 





Several articles involved Mohawk College team members: 

  • a column by President Ron McKerlie was published in The Spec
  • Janet Shuh, dean of continuing education and academic development, explains the role that microcredentials will play in the future of work
  • a former student credits programs at Six Nations Polytechnic and Mohawk College for giving him the shot at education and a career
  • college partner, the  Hamilton Community Research Partnership, includes Mohawk College in its call for better data around education
  • David Santi, dean of Marshall School of Skilled Trades, looking to the future of careers in the trades
  • High school students have  many opportunities to prepare for skilled trades careers with the help of Mohawk College visits and programs


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