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Inspiring minds

Exciting news, you can expand your mind for free with the Inspiring Minds speaker series. This highly anticipated Speaker Series, where industry experts and thought leaders will share invaluable insights and strategies to empower you both personally and professionally. Learn from renowned speakers on cutting-edge topics while connecting with like-minded people. 

First speaker James Anderson Feb 26 @3:00pm – 4:00 pm 

Inspiring Minds James Anderson

What is learnership?  You are about to find out once you sign up with James as he shares his signature work on Learnership.  Learn how to create a culture for learning and growth in your classroom,  where every learner achieves more.

This is James Anderson, an Australian-based international speaker, author, and educator deeply committed to enhancing capacity for effective learning. Central to his philosophy is the Mindset Continuum, an extension of Carol Dweck's ground-breaking work on Growth Mindsets, providing practical tools to cultivate a profound understanding of ourselves as learners. Jame's notable concept of Learnership, raising the status of learning from an act to an art, offers a powerful framework to comprehend and enhance engagement in the learning process.  James will challenge educators to critically reflect on their own Mindsets and how these beliefs are subtly communicated to students, offering tangible strategies beyond clichés to instigate genuine shifts in learners' mindsets.

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After decades of focusing on the skill of teaching, it's time to focus on the skill of learning.

We have skillful teachers in our schools. They know how to employ the most effective teaching strategies. We recognize, celebrate and value masterful teaching. Now it's time to raise the status of learning from an act to an art, and ensure students are engaging in the most effective learning strategies. To celebrate and value masterful learning. To ensure students go beyond merely achieving outcomes and become skillful, effective learners.

In this session James shares his signature work on Learnership. For the first time he defines what it means to be a skillful learner. He shows you how to create a culture for learning and growth in your classroom. A culture that shares the responsibility for learning between the teacher and the students. A culture where every learner achieves more.

By developing Learnership, you create learners who embrace challenges, cultivate powerful Habits of Mind, leverage the information in mistakes, tailor feedback and consistently invest their effort in growth.

What will you learn?

  • The six levels of leadership
  • Proven strategies that teach students to become more effective learners
  • How to create a classroom culture that drives growth

What can I expect if I participate?

  • Solutions to address reluctant, passive and underachieving learners
  • Strategies to develop students who have a positive relationship with challenge
  • Effective strategies for building a shared language of learning
  • A deep understanding of the skill of learning and how to develop it
  • A classroom where your skill as a teacher is matched by your students skill as a learners

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