22:05 PM

Turkey-Syria Earthquake – Support services available

A devastating earthquake early Monday morning in Turkey and Syria has resulted in significant loss of life, leaving thousands injured, and displacing many more people from their homes. We understand this crisis may have a direct impact on the lives of many Mohawk College students and employees who have friends and loved ones in the affected area.

If you are feeling an impact from this natural disaster, we want to remind you that you are not alone.

Mohawk College has a number of support services available for students who need assistance, including academic accommodations, if necessary. If a student has been financially affected by this crisis, we can also offer support, including food and shelter assistance. We would like all students to feel supported, protected and safe as they pursue their education at Mohawk College.

To access any services to support student well-being, we have a team of individuals available to help. They can be reached at studentwellness@mohawkcollege.ca.

Students can directly access Counselling services, Monday to Friday, by emailing counselling@mohawkcollege.ca or by calling 905-575-2211. Good2Talk is available 24/7 by calling 1-866-925-5454, or through the website: https://good2talk.ca/.

For employees, the Employee Assistance Program, Lifeworks, is available to all Mohawk College employees.

As well, Turkey has an embassy in Canada, which may provide additional information to support people searching for information about loved ones.   

Recognizing the lasting impact of these types of disasters, if you find yourself troubled, please reach out to someone you trust to talk about it. Keep this message and contact the college team if you need support.

We are here to help you.