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United Way Campaign - Upcoming events and activities


The fall season is upon us and many are excited to celebrate in fun and different ways. Our United Way campaign has developed a few Halloween activities to raise awareness and show support for our community, all while having fun.


Fall Employee Photo Submission brought to by the Mohawk College United Way Committee

We may not be able to decorate our offices or walk the halls in our creative costumes, but we can still have fun and celebrate the season together. We are asking you, our Mohawk College family, to share a photo of how you are enjoying the season. It could be a photo of you and your family dressed up for Halloween, your home decorated for the season, or your family/friends doing something fun to celebrate this time of year. Photos will be compiled into a short video that will be shared with all employees.

Please submit your photo to mohawk.events@mohawkcollege.ca by Monday, November 1st.

Support the Mohawk College United Way Campaign!

To help raise funds towards our goal, we encourage you to donate and support the Mohawk College United Way Campaign.

When donating, ensure to select ’My gift is part of a workplace campaign’.

Watch for more information on these events to follow next week:

Halloween Lunch Time Trivia

A lunch hour “Halloween retreat” full of virtual games and trivia in our Halloween-themed breakout rooms. Feel free to wear your Halloween costume, dress up your pets, or wear black and orange.

Halloween Escape Room Challenge

Enter at your own risk! Urban Escapade, a Mohawk alumni-owned business, challenges you to Escape Albert Mansion, a virtual Halloween-themed escape room filled with mysteries and puzzles. Compete individually or in teams to achieve the best time.

#ICYMI - Mohawk College United Way Campaign Kick-Off video

Check out the following video from Mohawk College’s United Way Committee Co-chairs.