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Upcoming PD Webinars

Engaging Students in Zoom – Practice Key Tools | September 2, 3

Explore key Zoom tools that allow you engage students while effectively managing your virtual classroom. Practice using Polls, creating Breakout Rooms and using Zoom tools for managing your sessions. Review report functions in Zoom that allow you to track and respond to different levels of student participation in virtual sessions.

MyCanvas: Orientation | August 31

Learn about the basic organizational structure of MyCanvas and how to navigate the platform. The session includes an overview of the key features and functions of the global navigation bar (i.e., account, files overview, dashboard, courses, calendar, inbox, and help) and an introduction to course has settings.

MyCanvas: Files, Pages, & Modules | September 1

In this session, we will review files and pages and how they translate to modules. MyCanvas has a unique folder structure for storing files and pages. This will be reviewed in light of what this means for editing, and how to use modules to highlight files and pages.

MyCanvas: Assignments & Grades | September 3

In this session, we will review assignments and the gradebook, explaining how to create the gradebook using the assignments tool. The session will explain how to achieve similar gradebook functionality as eLearn with points and weighted grades; assignment folders and features; and, important gradebook features such as the manual grade posting policy, late policies, and messaging students.

MyCanvas: Groups & Discussions | September 3

In this session, we will explore and show how the groups tool works in MyCanvas. This includes a review of manually created groups, auto-enrollments, and how these group structures can be associated with quizzes and assignment folders. This session will also provide an overview of the discussion board and creation of discussion forums.

MyCanvas: Quizzes | September 2

In this session, we will explore the functionality of classic quizzes and new quizzes, including question types. An overview of quiz building, question banks, and the tool’s connection to the gradebook will be reviewed by facilitators. If time permits a review of migrated quizzes will occur.

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