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Upcoming Pride Events

Pride Photo Montage - #ShowYourPride

To celebrate PRIDE Month, we're asking employees to photograph themselves holding a hand-written (or typed if you prefer) message to #ShowYourPride, showcasing what PRIDE means to you.

E-mail your photo to mohawk.events@mohawkcollege.ca to be included in the photo slideshow.

What Pride means to me:

‘Being proud of who I am’

‘Being unashamed of who I am and living my life for me’

‘I speak up when I see injustice’

‘I use my privilege to call out discrimination’

‘I speak up when someone uses slurs or are insensitive’

‘Not worrying about what others will think about me and my race, nationality, or sexual orientation’

Wednesday, June 9 - Virtual ProPride: Beyond Inclusion Towards Belonging

Details - https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/events/equity-diversity-inclusion-human-rights-pride-month-staff-events-student-events-workshops

Wednesday, June 23 - Virtual ProPride: Beyond Diversity Towards Dignity

Details – https://www.mohawkcollege.ca/events/equity-diversity-inclusion-human-rights-pride-month-staff-events-student-events-workshops-0

To see all upcoming events visit the Mohawk Events Calendar.