14:15 PM

Update on the Flexible Workspace Strategy

Mohawk College is developing a Flexible Workspace Strategy that will inform how on-campus office spaces for faculty and staff should be designed and provide a plan to make that vision a reality.

The goal is to complete the strategy and implementation plan by Winter 2024.

Please see below for the latest updates from the Flexible Workspace Strategy Project Team.

Employee and Student Surveys launch Monday.

The college has hired Deloitte to work with a Project Team and Steering Committee to develop the strategy and implementation plan. Deloitte has developed a short survey that employees will be asked to complete. The survey launches Monday, September 18 and will remain open until the end of the month. Employees will receive a link to the survey from the mohawkcommunications@mohawkcollege.ca email account on Monday.

Students will also be asked to complete a brief survey. The student survey will also open on Monday and continue until October 8. Students will be asked about their preferred methods for accessing services and support. Their responses will help guide the Flexible Work Strategy in improving service delivery on campus.

NEW MyMohawk page available for employees.

The Flexible Workspace Strategy now has a dedicated page on MyMohawk. The page can be found under the Employee tab in the Quick Links menu. It is also a dedicated applet just above the Marketing Work Requests (Welcome) applet on the Employee page. Please refer to the page often as it will have the latest news and updates from the Project Team and a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the project.

Link: https://mymohawk.mohawkcollege.ca/mymohawk-college/Flexible-Workspace-Strategy

Functional Work Program

Departments across the college will soon be asked to complete a worksheet identifying specific technology, space and equipment needs for their teams. This information will be incorporated into the Flexible Workspace Strategy.

Focus Groups taking place in October.

Some employees and faculty may be asked to participate in a series of small focus groups that will take place this October. Participants will be contacted in advance, and details will be provided closer to the date the sessions are taking place.

Questions for the Project Team?

If you have a question about the Flexible Workspace Strategy, please email Project Manager Paulette Sloat at paulette.sloat@mohawkcollege.ca.