21:14 PM

Vaccinations, boosters available through College Health Services


Mohawk College Health Services are offering COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters for students, employees and their immediate family members. Appointments are available based on vaccine supply and can be booked by emailing healthservices@mohawkcollege.ca

Vaccinations remain our best defense against the COVID pandemic. If you are not already vaccinated you are encouraged to get vaccinated to protect yourself and those you care about. If you are fully vaccinated and have the opportunity to get a booster, please book your appointment as soon as possible.

Last minute and walk-in appointments may be available, if you are on campus and still need a vaccine, stop by Health Services.

As a reminder, we ask everyone in the Mohawk College community to continue to assess their health daily in order to help keep everyone safe. If you are visiting a Mohawk College campus, respond to the COVID Self Disclosure assessment questions honestly on your Mohawk Safety app as part of the entry process.