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Mohawk is pleased to welcome the following people.

Mohawk College is excited to announce the following faculty hires. We’re confident that their knowledge, skills, and expertise will infuse new ideas into their departments and continue to build upon the incredible quality of education that Mohawk has to offer.

  • Adrianna Semerjian: Professor, Liberal Studies
  • Irena Bourke: Professor, Liberal Studies
  • Genevieve Cornell: Professor, Liberal Studies
  • Jon De Forest: Professor, Liberal Studies
  • Elysia Estee: Professor, Business
  • James Fowler: Professor, Business
  • Victoria Harrison: Professor, Business & Media Graduate Studies
  • Michael Michalski: Professor, Business
  • Marilyn Powers: Professor, Business & Media Graduate Studies
  • Shelley Rummo: Professor, Business
  • Rebecca Brennan: Professor, Business
  • Todd Jahnke: Professor, Media Studies
  • Robert Nowell: Professor, Media Studies
  • Agnes Kucharska: Professor, Community Partnerships and Learning
  • Pamela Ingleton: Learning Outcomes Assessment Consultant, Academic Quality
  • Nicole Murray: Professor, Community Studies
  • Sheva Leon: Professor, Community Studies
  • Matthew Cordero: Professor, Community Studies
  • Karen Boughton: Professor, Community Studies
  • Anthony Reid: Professor, Social Services and Justice Studies
  • David Currie: Professor, School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship
  • Julian Finbow: Professor, Construction & Building Systems
  • Michael Franklin: Professor, Construction & Building Systems
  • John Legree: Professor, School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship
  • Joe Mihalic: Professor, School of Skilled Trades & Apprenticeship
  • Michael Rodrigue: Professor, Construction & Building Systems
  • Adam Smith: Professor, Construction & Building Systems
  • Jon Tornblom: Professor, Construction & Building Systems.
  • Jean-Phillippe: Instructor, Construction & Building Systems
  • Alysa De Bellis: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Adrian Drozdowski: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Jonathan Graham: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Aleksandar Jovic: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Karen Laurin: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Tiffany Leighton: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Sean Nix: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Sadiq Raji: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Baljit Singh: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Paul Sprentz: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Mini Thomas: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • Branden Versluis: Professor, Engineering Technology
  • John Vigliotta: Professor, Engineering Technology

Please join us in welcoming our new faculty hires to Mohawk College!

The following non-faculty employees have also joined the College recently, and we’d like to welcome them to the Mohawk family:

Andrea Nelson has joined the Liberal Studies Department in the role of Student Support and Placement Officer, and we are very excited to have her join the team!

Patrick McInnis is the most recent addition to the IDEAWORKS department, in the role of Electrical Technologist. Patrick will be reporting to Mariano Arriaga, and we are thrilled to have him come on board.

Dr. Rakesh Kumar has recently joined us as the Manager, Research Projects in the IDEAWORKS department. Dr. Rakesh Kumar will also be reporting to Mariano Arriaga, and we are excited to have him join our team.

Wajma Hazin has joined the Accounting Services department as an Accounts Payable Clerk replacing Paula Rosati. Wajma will report to Katarina Masciantonio, Acting Manager, Accounting Services. Please join us in welcoming Wajma to Mohawk College.

Candice Watson has joined the college in the role of Operations Manager in the School of Health, and will be reporting to Wendy Lawson. Candice brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role including seven years of work experience in academic operational management. Candice joins us from Humber College where she has held the position of Operations Manager, Applied Research and Innovation since 2012.

Jonathan Boodhoo has joined the Facility Services department in the role of Manager, Building, Grounds & Housekeeping Operations. We’re very excited to have Jonathan join our team, as he comes to us with significant Facility Services/Management education and experience. Jonathan will be reporting to Frank Mesicek.